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An illustration of an asteroid on a collision course with the earth

SciShorts: Asteroids Fly Past Earth at Close Distances

On Friday, the 9th of February, an asteroid the size of a 2-3 story building grazed past the earth. The asteroid, called 2018 CB, passed at a distance of 64,000 km from the earth’s surface – a distance lesser than one fifth the distance to the moon. This is the second time this week that an asteroid is floating past the planet. The first one crossed the earth on 6th of February at a distance 110,000 km from the earth’s surface. This asteroid, named 2018 CC, is believed to be in the range of 15 to 30 meters in size. Both asteroids were discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey, a project to discover potentially hazardous asteroids, funded by NASA.