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Stephen Hawking

A Brief History of Stephen Hawking

The word “revolutionary” will not do justice in describing the man. Neither will “genius” nor will “impactful”. Stephen Hawking transcended all these – impressively marking himself out to be the most renowned scientist of the times. His presence in today’s world of denial pressed humanity to believe in science.   On the 14th of March, […]

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antimatter creation

SciShorts: Scientists Plan to Transport Antimatter out of the Laboratory for the First Time

CERN researchers are taking their study on antiparticles one step further this time. The antiProton Unstable Matter Annihilation (PUMA) project requires them to have antimatter interact with radioactive materials to understand the processes that occur inside a star. Since radioactive particles are generally short-lived, physicists have planned to transport antiparticles to these radioactive particles. This […]

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