A placard reading 'Science Not Silence'

March for Science Coimbatore

On April 22nd, Earth Day, the world took to the streets to march for science. With over 600 marches and 10 million people marching world wide, people took a stand to represent science. The March For Science initiative was aimed at bringing to light the fact that science has been neglected over the years and there has been great decline in the field. Coimbatore took great pride in marching as it shared the podium with Hyderabad as the only two cities representing India in the world stage.

We organised our version of the March in the Coimbatore city. Over 120 people attended the event with a lot of young people taking initiative to make a difference. The event started off at around 4:30 pm with  the Deputy Commissioner of Police of Traffic, S. Saravanan, inaugurating the event and highlighting the fact that though science was growing in India at a rapid rate, we have yet a long way to go. He also mentioned that he was happy to see the youth taking interest in such events.

As the day came to an end the people of the city sprang into action as they marched around the Race Course shouting slogans and giving out their views on science. They were armed with banners that screamed slogans like “Climate change is real” and “Green is the new Black”. We had made arrangements for refreshments and made the event more lively by telling people fun facts related to science.

The main theme of the event was tackling the climate change scenario. Speeches were given to spread awareness on the issue of global warming. Tips were given to people on how they can contribute to reducing global warming from their homes. One of the highlights of the event were the speeches given by the members of our organization. Arjhun Swaminathan, Chief Executive Officer of School of Science, said that science is not bookish knowledge but the answer to all our questions. He also said that it is important for humanity and that it is merely a way of thinking.

The people too were all fired up. While one person actually stated that science has only magnitude and no direction another was quick to blame the “higher powers” for neglecting it. Venkatasubramanian, the Chief of Design of School of Science gave a speech on how technology was helping out farmers in India. People began voicing out their opinions on how and why science was being neglected and how we as the common people can really bring about a change.

The March was joined by people of all ages and to everyone’s surprise there was even a family of Americans who wanted to help out in the event. The level of enthusiasm shown was just out of the world. People had put their busy lives on hold just to take a march the 2.5 kilometer stretch. This March wasn’t just been a march for a noble cause but also a forum for like-minded people to interact.

However small it may seem, the people of this city have done their bit to make a difference. We did our bit to help spread awareness. Coimbatore has done India proud.

More information on the marches: www.marchforscience.com