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An image of a coffee cup with the words "Coffee with a futurist - Luke Kingma"

An Interview with Luke Kingma

On the 16th of January, 2018, the School of Science team spent a few hours with Luke Kingma – the Head of Creative at Futurism. Luke has immense experience in the digital marketing industry, and is now a well-known journalist. He is also an aspiring cartoonist and an elaborate traveler. Over a cup of coffee, […]

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An illustration of the depleted ozone layer over the Antarctic

SciShorts: The Ozone Hole is Healing

For the first time, researchers have proof that the ozone hole is indeed healing due to human activities. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) has been studying the chemical composition of the ozone layer. Every September, the ozone layer over the Antarctic breaks down due to a reaction with solar rays. This breaking down is […]

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An image of a thermal power plant

Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Powering the Future

One of the growing concerns of transport systems is the ebbing availability of crude oil. Everything from cars to airplanes depends on the crude oil market. Even thermal power stations, which produce nearly 50% of the electricity used by the world, are taking a fall as natural resources are depleting. Almost all major cities in […]

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