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An image of earth at night

SciShorts: SpaceX to Provide High-Speed Internet All Over the World

Following the launch of the Falcon Heavy earlier this month, SpaceX has moved on to its next venture – high-speed internet for the masses. Informally called Starlink, the project drives towards endowing the world with internet through satellites. SpaceX is to launch a Falcon 9 on Thursday, aboard which there will be two experimental satellites carried to orbit. These two satellites will be used to test the technology for its internet service.

The long term goal of the project is to launch 4,425 interlinked internet satellites into high orbit above the earth, and another 7,500 into lower orbits. This number is more than twice the number of satellites ever launched by mankind.

It is believed that Starlink will provide internet speeds that are around 100 times faster than the speeds we have now.