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An illustration of the uncovered mayan cities

SciShorts: Archaeologists Discover Lost Mayan Cities

Archaeologists have recently found lost Mayan cities deep within the Guatemalan jungle using remote surveying technology. They have found nearly 60,000 structures showing the extensive architecture of the Mayans. This new discovery revealed the technology used by the Mayans for agriculture and also gave more clues on the demise of the empire. Researchers have used […]

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An old woman

Can We Cure Aging?

Age defines the limit to each human’s potential. Simply put, aging makes you less productive and active, and there is nothing you can do about it. This thought has been one of consternation for humans ever since the beginning. Reaching the ‘Fountain of Youth’  has been long coveted, and intense research is conducted in an […]

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An image of a coffee cup with the words "Coffee with a futurist - Luke Kingma"

An Interview with Luke Kingma

On the 16th of January, 2018, the School of Science team spent a few hours with Luke Kingma – the Head of Creative at Futurism. Luke has immense experience in the digital marketing industry, and is now a well-known journalist. He is also an aspiring cartoonist and an elaborate traveler. Over a cup of coffee, […]

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